Saturday, November 3, 2012

Speak Up: I can't hear you.

You know, I mentioned confrontation in the last entry.  Today, I bundled up. Put on long underwear. A neck wrap.  Gloves. I hopped on my bike and was doing surprisingly well considering the temperature.  Biking in the cold wasn't as bad as I thought. It was the wind that was the major challenge.

I also confronted a conversation that needed to be had. I faced it and well, I feel like progress was made.  I need to practice this more often. I think we all feel better and have a better understanding when we let go of fear and live in our truth. It's definitely something that requires practice. 

So overall, it was a good day and here are the highlights.
  1. Making the phone call to confront one of the "glitches" and talking things through was great.
  2. Talked to my dad.  This was one of the best conversations. Actually, they have all been rather good since we've had "the open and honest" conversation. In the conversation last night, I guess I was on a roll with talking about confronting issues.  We talked about my cousin and some remarks that were made regarding Hurricane Sandy.  I told my dad that the older I get, the less willing I am to be a bystander.  When things are important, it's time to put aside the anxiety and fear of being judged. That's what's wrong with plenty of people as it is!  Speak your truth.  Even if someone doesn't agree with your truth, it's fine because it's not theirs anyhow!
  3. I loved that I biked 17 miles today as opposed to the 10 miles I originally thought I'd only do.  WOO! HOO!  That was over 1700 calories burned.
  4. One of my favorite scenes in a movie:  Neo Meets the Oracle for the Second Time. Just when we thought we made a choice, did we really? hmmm  Ponder. hahaha
  5. I love Daylight Savings Time.  I love it for different reasons now.  Because I can sleep longer.  Not that I even sleep a lot.  When I was in college I loved it because the bars would all stay open one extra hour.  These days I could totally care less about that. 

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