Saturday, November 3, 2012

Speak Up: I can't hear you.

You know, I mentioned confrontation in the last entry.  Today, I bundled up. Put on long underwear. A neck wrap.  Gloves. I hopped on my bike and was doing surprisingly well considering the temperature.  Biking in the cold wasn't as bad as I thought. It was the wind that was the major challenge.

I also confronted a conversation that needed to be had. I faced it and well, I feel like progress was made.  I need to practice this more often. I think we all feel better and have a better understanding when we let go of fear and live in our truth. It's definitely something that requires practice. 

So overall, it was a good day and here are the highlights.
  1. Making the phone call to confront one of the "glitches" and talking things through was great.
  2. Talked to my dad.  This was one of the best conversations. Actually, they have all been rather good since we've had "the open and honest" conversation. In the conversation last night, I guess I was on a roll with talking about confronting issues.  We talked about my cousin and some remarks that were made regarding Hurricane Sandy.  I told my dad that the older I get, the less willing I am to be a bystander.  When things are important, it's time to put aside the anxiety and fear of being judged. That's what's wrong with plenty of people as it is!  Speak your truth.  Even if someone doesn't agree with your truth, it's fine because it's not theirs anyhow!
  3. I loved that I biked 17 miles today as opposed to the 10 miles I originally thought I'd only do.  WOO! HOO!  That was over 1700 calories burned.
  4. One of my favorite scenes in a movie:  Neo Meets the Oracle for the Second Time. Just when we thought we made a choice, did we really? hmmm  Ponder. hahaha
  5. I love Daylight Savings Time.  I love it for different reasons now.  Because I can sleep longer.  Not that I even sleep a lot.  When I was in college I loved it because the bars would all stay open one extra hour.  These days I could totally care less about that. 

A Glitch

I often call it a glitch in "The Matrix".  Ever since the movie of the same name, I think in terms of this.  When I enter into new friendships or relationships or just with friends, family or co-workers, there is sometimes a glitch.  Something that tells me, "You know, something just isn't the same." Others call it intuition.  I have a student that recently said that I can always sense when something isn't right with her.  Tonight, actually a few nights ago, I sensed that with someone else.

My intuitiveness used to drive me crazy.  Actually, if I said it still didn't do that on some level, I'd be lying. Whatever the outcome may be, I know there's something to be said for paying attention to that 6th sense.

It is what it is and while I'm not one to be confrontational, I've become more comfortable with it over the years but not so comfy that it's an easy area for me to delve into.  With that said, I do understand that confrontation tends to bring relief to both parties and puts you back into a shared reality.  Yep.... I'm being very cerebral right tonight. HAHAHA   

Ack!  Anyhow, here's what I loved about today - Friday

  1. That Thai Chop Salad from Panera Bread = DELICIOUS. I love that lunch was provided at work today!
  2. Meeting with my students is always a pleasure.  I love seeing their eyes open with excitement of a plan. 
  3. I love that  if you have your own coffee mug you can get a coffee for $1.25 on campus!  That's amazing and so was that Pumpkin Spice Brule'!
  4. Singing karaoke tonight a few times and being applauded is very night.  Whether I sang well or not... trust me.. I sing pretty decently.. hahahaha
  5.  Sleeping in this morning will feel amazing!

    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Untitled: Version 1

    Before this sleeping pill settles into my system and I turn in for the night, I needed to write this entry.  This is my 200th entry by the way.  That's pretty good. I started this blog about a year ago.  So, I've only missed about 156 days of blogging. hahaha

    Lately, I've been in a mood.  I can't even really explain it. It's not been a bad mood - just moody, I guess. Maybe aggressive? Maybe I'm just out of my normal routine and it's messing with me.  Who knows.  Add to that, trying to manage a new relationship - which I haven't had in ages.  At any rate, I need to work on that.

    This blog is all about daily self-reflection. With hopes to be a better human being.

    1. Today was the start of Movember.  One of my friends joined the team today and we are both starting off with freshly shaved faces to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  Glad to have him aboard!
    2. My friend wanted to go to the National Tree Lighting Ceremony at the White House and asked me to put in a request for the lottery for tickets.  She didn't get tickets but I did! I told her she has a ticket and she's super excited. I also invited Greg to the event. It should be a lot of fun and to top it all off, we have seats!  No standing room only for us!
    3. I saw a photo on Facebook that showed the humanity in others through the toughest of times.  It was heart warming to see and so I want to share it on this entry.
    4. The movie, "Flight", starring Denzel Washington was really good.  Not what I expected at all and that made it a very well made movie with a few lessons throughout the story. 
    5. Having a chat with my friend, Adam, online brought up new ideas on how to improve my Etsy and t-shirt shops.  It was a very good exchange of ideas and I appreciate his honesty.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    I Am...

    There is something to be said for being comfortable with who you are as a person.  Today I commented on something a cousin posted as their Facebook status.  It annoyed me a bit. They suggested that the reason (Hurricane) Superstorm Sandy hit where it did is because many of those states either allow for same-sex marriage or will be voting for same-sex marriage and God was not pleased with that. That, to me, sounded like the most ignorant thing I've ever heard!  At the time I could only respond with, "Really? Oh, ok O_o"   Later a reply was posted saying they didn't mean to offend anyone and that it was just their opinion.  That's fine and good but I feel the need to share my opinion and posted this in response.

    "I'm not offended, just surprised to see you think that way.  There are a lot more things I can think of as unpleasing to God than people wanting to get married legally like everyone else. There are 11 countries who recognize same-sex marriages and they weren't harmed.  Whole countries and not just states. Regardless of people getting married or not - there has been and always will be gay relationships. Do we blame all catastrophic weather and natural disasters on those relationships or just accept that bad weather happens because that's what weather does?  There are a lot of people affected (from newborns to adults) by the storm that could care less whether people have the right to marry or not and haven't even participated in any lobbying of such legislation.  I think the real lesson from this storm (or from God if you believe) is to recognize our own humanity and share the same care and love for those we know and who are strangers to us; regardless of who they are or whom they want to legally marry. The Golden Rule somehow comes to mind."
    The "Dennis" a year ago would have just overlooked the comment and not said anything.   But I have this whole social justice thing living in me. I'm beginning to live in the idea of, "If not me, then who will speak up?"  PLUS, that comment was directed at the community I identify with.  I was not about to just let someone say some ridiculousness and wrap it up in a Bible Blanket. I am... no longer a bystander. There is a great video of Julian Bond, speaking on behalf of civil rights.  I'll place the video at the bottom of this post.

    At any rate - moving on.  Here's my list of the 5 things I loved about today.
    1. To have friends and family that were so concerned about my well-being.  While I hated hearing the phone buzz this morning - I'm grateful that it did.  People care! Thank you!
    2. I love naps when it's cold outside (and inside cause I keep the temp low). 
    3. Eggo Waffles Pumpkin Spice flavor. MMm, Mmm, good.
    4. I am lovin' the new shirt designs I created today.  Especially the "I Am..." shirts. 
    5. The Presidential election and other voting will take place in one week.  Actually, this time next Tuesday, we will know who our next President is.  We will know if another state in the union will allow for same-sex marriage. We will know which side the government will lean in terms of political party.  One thing I loved about today is reading the information about the Electoral College and how the President is managing the disaster of (Hurricane) Superstorm Sandy.

    The Day that Hurricane Sandy Paid a Visit

    Hurricane Sandy got PLENTY of coverage today on the local new channels.  While it wasn't much to report in terms of damage where I live - I hope I can say the same for people I know in affected areas when I wake up in the morning.

    I've said this before on this blog and I'll say it again.  It is harder to come up with a list when you don't leave the house - but I have a list!  I HAVE A LIST!
    1. It's nice to have family and friends that care enough to check on my well being during the storm.  There are still a few hours left to be totally in the clear but I never once saw a light flicker nor lost my internet or TV.  If you didn't know, I don't have cable - so I watch everything via an outdoor antenna.  That antenna never budged. 
    2. We were notified of having Tuesday off from work.  Campus is CLOSED! WOO HOO!
    3. My friend Myra, sent me a text to ask me if I still wanted a headlamp for when I go biking.  I said I did.  She bought one for me and her. How amazingly nice was that?
    4. Tonight I made my first Hot Tottie.  They are tasty!  I think I may make more of these in the winter months.  
    5. I lit my fireplace for the first time in over a year.  I love having a wood burning fireplace. I need to use it more. 

    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    Hurricane Sandy - Don't be a Bitch!

    PAH-TY!  That's what HE said.  hahaha  We woke up in Nic and Meg's house this morning and had no hangover.  I just want to celebrate that fact right now.  I also want to celebrate the fact that I am shaking this cold.  The cough is producing "results" and I can breathe out of my nose.  YAY! 

    With this hurricane on the way, I hope it passes through and leaves very little evidence that says, requires a thank you note from "Sandy". 
    1. I love that I am meeting so many people through my dating such a gregarious person.
    2. Oh, and as a #2 to the list. I'm glad he's as thoughtful and dependable as he is.
    3. Talking to my dad today, he told me some stories from when he was younger. I always enjoy hearing these stories because they always have some sort of historical relevance to them.  I said that he needs to start writing those things down and I would type them up. I think it would make for good reading material for a memoir. 
    4. Getting the confirmation that campus is closed tomorrow due to Hurricane Sandy is AWESOME!  What might not be so awesome is gettin' hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. O_o
    5. We're making progress on the online magazine work.  The bro and I have developed the sections for the first issue.
    *what's really funny is that I found this clip art and it has his name on it! bwahahaha!

    Saturday, October 27, 2012

    S'mores P'lease!

    Today was the day that got me to see my home in a completely new way.  CLEAN!  Yep, that's right.  I'm trying to keep my home clean and organized.  Two things my home has rarely been. Well, today is a NEW DAY!

    Here's some freakin' awesome things about today.

    1. My home is clean.
    2. My cold is getting better.  Illness be gone!
    3. I went to a Halloween Party with GD. I had a great time and met some great people.
    4. The sangria that Nic made was THE BOMB DIGGITY! 
    5. Making S'mores over the fire pit and it making a big, delicious mess.