Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oprah Made Me Do It.

Today I decided to read through my "O Magazine" that I recently got.  When I say, "recently", I really mean, it arrived early last week and I just decided to pick it up and read it.  My favorite part to start with is the "Things I know for Sure".  Why?  Cause I want to know what Oprah really knows for sure.  I mean... I looooooooooooooooove me some Oprah. God knows I do!

In the article, Oprah talks about how she would keep her gratitude journal and did it consistently for 10 years and then over more time, she because less consistent to the point where she rarely did it.  All due to being busy with life.  So busy with life that she wasn't making time to acknowledge the great things that happen in life.  This brings me back to my list of 5 things that I love about today.

It is important to acknowledge the things in life that make it special.  It took my reading of an article to remember the importance it holds in keeping my life in perspective and helping others do so as well.  So, with that said - I. AM. BACK.

  1. Today I did something great. I opened up my second Etsy shop. This shop is specifically for LGBT Pride items and that's something I'm proud of. 
  2. What a great day for working in the yard. The weather was AMAZING.  
  3. I love that I have friends that I share special moments with and I am happy that I can be there for them.
  4. The chili I made for dinner was delicious.  It'll continue to be delicious for the next couple of days, too :0)
  5. I bought a new jacket at Target for only $6.88.  The jacket has George Mason University's school colors on it.  That's a twofer! Heeeeeeey!

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